Why buying cars by auto auction?

Japan auto auction

SUN TRADE has huge network for buying cars especially auto auction in Japan.

It’s because we’ve not buying used cars by directly owner, it’s need more highly costs than buying cars from auctions.

SUN TRADE and auction information

auto auction

1. We are the member of over 80 major auto auction houses in Japan.

2. We can help you to purchase used cars from auto auction on lower prices with trust information. We’ll show you car’s pictures, and let you know the spec and the details of the car before bidding cars / trucks / vans. When we’ll be agreed the FOB or C&F [ CIF ] price, we will try to bid the cars within your budget.

Note: It’s need deposit JPY 100,000~ for bidding at least. Ask us about deposit details.

3. We promise quick and secure shipment. Even if it has many documents which B/L, JEVIC certification, don’t worry. we’ll send correct documents by mail / Japan post.

4. You can purchase reasonable and high grade used cars via auto auction.
Please ask about the details about auto auction to us.

FEE for buying cars

The cost to purchase used cars from auto auction in Japan



1. The price of the car which was successful bided at auction.
2. Successful bidding fee: JPY 12,000~
3. Inland transport fee: JPY 5,000~ (from auction house to shipping yard.)
4. Shipping charge: JPY 70,000~ (Customs clearance fee, Loading charge, Documentation fee and Our commission are including.) Depends by auction final price (Please feel free ask to us about detail)
In case you would purchase over 5 cars per monthly, we’ll suggest special rate offer.
*Depends by transaction volume and conditions ]
1. FOB charges.
2. Shipping freight.
1. FOB charges.
2. Shipping freight.
3. Shipping insurance.
1. The deposit is at least JPY 100,000. We will bid a vehicle after received the deposit. (It is able to make a payment by PayPal. )
2. It needs 8% tax for successful bidding price, bidding fee and inland transport fee.
3. If it needs inspection to import to your country, we can undergo JAAI , JAVIC, etc…
*Note: PayPal transaction fee (6% of the deposit’s amount) will be added per payment by PayPal.