TOYOTA AQUA has been released targeting every generation.
The advanced safety function package “Toyota Safety Sense C” is carried and you can send safe and secure car life.

Popular colors are Super White Ⅱ and Black Mica, these are the classic colors of Toyota.

toyota aqua

Atkinson cycle engine which is very excellent in fuel economy efficiency, combined with high efficiency motor realizes low fuel consumption performance of 37.0 km with 1 liter.
You don’t need to worry about gasoline supply even at a distant destination.

toyota aqua

Toyota Aqua has abundant color variations, “Super White II”, “Lime White Pearl Crystal Shine”, “Silver Metallic”, “Gray Metallic”, “Black Mica”, “Deep Amethyst Mica Metallic”, “Super Red V”, “Orange Pearl Crystal Shine”, “Yellow” You can choose from “Fresh Green Mica Metallic” “Blue Metallic” “Cool Soda Metallic” “Cherry Pearl Crystal Shine” “Purple Metallic”.

It is a popular model overseas, so it tends to used cars market prices higher than another Toyota cars.

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