Toyota Berta is Italian and the word “gentle”.

Toyota Bertha made the concept of such “gentle” the concept. Popular colors on the market are white and silver.

Toyota Bertha’s concept, “gentle” is seen in various places in the design of this car.

A smart entry & start system that facilitates riding, a split folding-down rear seat designed to load large luggage, equipment that is excellent in accommodating accessories, SRS airbag, side airbag, head shock mitigation structure or so.

In order to drive safely, it is said that the cars are friendly to the owner, such as switches arranged in a controllable position, good driving performance and good fuel economy.

There are 8 kinds of color variations of Berta. Popular colors on the market are white and silver.

Bertha’s excellent place is designed to be friendly to the driver and the person riding the car, and it is in the good seat of the fuel-efficient performance which was designed considering the loading of luggage.

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