TOYOTA SIENTA is a compact car which born with the theme of “easy to ride”, “easy to load” and “easy to use”, and it has flexibility to deal with various lifestyles.
It is popular as a family youth, but many young single girls are also chosen.

The color variation is “Air Yellow” “Green Mica Metallic” “Red Mica Metallic” “Blue Metallic” “White Pearl Crystal Shine” “Silver Metallic” “Black Mica” “Vintage Brown Pearl Crystal Shine” “Super White II” There are color variations.
Also as FLEX TONE “Black Mica 209 × Accent Color: Blue Metallic” “White Pearl Crystal Shine 070 × Accent Color: Brown Pearl” “Air Yellow 5B 6 × Accent Color: Blue Metallic” “Green Mica Metallic 6W 8 × Accent Color: Brown Pearl “Silver Metallic 1F 7 × Accent Color: Blue Metallic” and so on.

TOYOTA SIENTA, the universal and cool Toyota minivan minivan, adopts a sporty design that breaks the minivan’s common sense.
There is also a performance that runs smoothly on the street.

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