Toyota’s finest class minivan – Alphard – driving would feel comfortable driving time in an indoor space that imitates a luxury hotel.
Due to its multi-purpose use and the beauty of minivan’s form, it is always attracting attention in the used car market.

toyota alphard

Exterior design which was born as the theme of “luxury · brave” is a big feature, and there are two kinds of “2.5 L straight 4 Atkinson cycle” and “3.5 L V 6” for the mounted engine.
Depending on the version, there is also a hybrid specification that adopts electric 4WD, which is attracting attention now that ecology is required.

toyota alphard

There are seven types of color variations: “White Pearl Crystal Shine”, “Luxury White Pearl Crystal Shine Glass Flake”, “Silver Metallic”, “Gray Metallic”, “Black”, “Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine” and “Grayish Blue Mica Metallic”.

Toyota Alphard is a minivan, but attractive young design is attractive.

A car that is good in design, like Alphard, also excellent in convenience, may be appraised more than you think.

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