Nissan Cima with a streamlined body line is a reason why the wide car width and unique mask are popular.
It is an exclusive 4 door saloon car that brings an elegant moment to the rider.

Nissan Cima is a luxury 4-door saloon sold from 1988 to 2010. There are 4 model changes during the sales period and we have improved the wideness and driving stability by increasing the body size every change.

The final model, the 4th generation Cima, has a large size of 5120 mm in length and 1845 mm in width, and the design has a powerful force to overwhelm others with a streamlined form.

Engine performance is V powerful 8-cylinder DOHC 4500 cc engine, which is a powerful engine to accelerate the car body with a total weight of 2,100 kg.

The drive system is equipped with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive, the number of riders is five, and the number of color variations for the whole model is seven.

CIMA’s superiority is in the spacious interior and the seat which can be relaxed, the design adopting the luxurious wood tone, and the engine performance which does not feel the stress.

In the used car market there are popular such as outside aluminum wheels and outside aero mounted cars.

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