Nissan Elgrand is the top grade model of the Nissan van series.

Popular colors are white and black.

Nissan Elgrand is the finest class van of Nissan which began selling in May 1997. The most distinctive is the grill of the front. This grill is also adopted in the current model, it can be said that it is a synonymous design of Elgrand.

The interior with a lot of riding capacity and luxurious feeling is equipped with the style of luxury cars, and it has luxury enough to say ” luxury room for driver”.

The interior space filled with luxury is based on black, making it more luxurious with gradation black maple.

The seat is a diamond quilted black leather. Fine workmanship is done in every place, it can be said that it is the finest car of a minivan.

The next generation round view monitor is prepared to drive a large body safely.
By eliminating the blind spot around the car, we reduce the risk of accidents during parking and departure at parking lots where accidents are likely to occur.

The place where this type of car is superior is in a high indoor space and high driving performance not feeling stress. The interior that sticks to details, in particular, is made to satisfy the rider.

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