The shape of a new business van that Nissan thought, that is the NV 350 caravan.
Popular colors are White Pearl, Brown, Black.

Designed and thought out for business use is NV 350 caravan. The emergency brake installed to realize the high loading capacity and safe driving is the first attempt for a 4-number car.

A wide and comfortable cargo room has a wide opening in the entry and realizes a total length of 3,050 mm by arranging the seat.

In order to maximize use, 86 pieces of luggage utility nuts are used, and it is possible to arrange the cargo room freely.

The start of the engine is a push engine starter, which makes it easy to start driving.

Intelligent keys are useful for loading luggage and other things. When both hands are occupied, you can control the door lock by just approaching the car body.

By adopting a diesel engine with good fuel economy performance as engine performance, we are producing torque that achieves 12.2 km / L fuel economy and easy to use and powerful running.
The advantage of this car model is that it can be used not only for business use but also as a base car for camper cars.

A popular user base for this car type is an outdoor tier who is thinking about business use and thinking about use in a camper.

Besides business, there are camper cars, well cabs etc in the used car market.

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