Nissan Serena is a minivan that has a spacious indoor space and excellent safety performance.

Popular colors seen in the Used cars market are White, Black, Red.

Nissan Serena is a medium-sized minivan of Nissan being produced and sold since May 1994.

Body design that puts emphasis on safety performance from the time of the first launch, attracted a lot of attention from the rounded form, the number of riding capacity and the good loading capacity.

In the 2nd generation, we changed driving style from FR to FF so far to achieve both driving stability and comfort. It also improves engine performance, good fuel economy performance and operation without stress.

The third and fourth generations are designed to make it easier for people to ride, cleaner and easier to use, by raising seat arrangement and eco performance.

Serena, which originally has a large indoor space, has good living comfort and it is possible to arrange a seat, and the loading capacity of the baggage is very good. So it is popular point of Selena that there are many uses for family use and grape usage.

Nissan Serena’s superiority lies in its body design, which is considered the top priority for use by large numbers of people.

Because it is possible to arrange the seat, because it loads lots of luggage, it is very many uses such as traveling with family and traveling in outdoor.

A popular user base for this car is the active layer thinking about traveling in family groups and sports which are thinking about traveling.

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