Nissan Infiniti is a luxury 4-door sedan offering comfortable driving for riders, with a wide interior and directing elegant driving from a wide body.

Nissan Infiniti is a high-end 4-door sedan, designed to appeal to Nissan Nissan’s Japanese-based design based on November 1989 to the world.

The biggest feature is the presence of 5,090 mm in length and 1,825 mm in width, but because it is soft and elegant design, it is enough to draw a strong interest to the viewer.

The engine that supports the large car body generates 280 horsepower and realizes smooth running that does not feel stress.

The interior has a chic and calm atmosphere based on beige and directs the “sum” of the concept by incorporating the curve. Spacious indoor space has no sense of pressure from the height of the roof and the width of the room, making it difficult to get tired even in long distance driving.

The place where this car model is excellent is in elegance and stable ride comfort not in the current design.

The secret popular to the audience is a design with softness, so it is suitable for dressing up, and it is in an indoor space that is not easily fatigued even over long distance driving.

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