Nissan Cube is a hatchback with a unique design and indoor space.
Popular colors are black, brown, pearl white.

Nissan Cube is a hatchback that has been produced since February 1998. Design with individuality attracted a lot of people’s attention from the beginning.

There are times when the turning radius is 5 m, handling is easy, and female groups are popular because it is possible to drive easily even with 5 number size.

Because the interior is based on a simple design, you can arrange it to your liking.
Because it is FF, there are few center consoles, and the feet are spacious.

The current model adopts a rounded and pretty design by the full model change in November 2008, and the interior space has also become an individual interior that uses a curve rather than the previous model.

Besides the good handling and good fuel economy performance, the superiority of this model is in the indoor space full of personality.
It is also possible to customize according to your preference, as color arrangements are free.

It is a popular model in Japan, but also popular in New Zealand.
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